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"I push my own boundaries all the time, so I might as well expand yours, too."

Chris Paliszewski

Rosemary Sprig


To Catalyze

I help extraordinary people excel in every aspect of their life -- health, career, relationships, you name it.

I love working with people who say, "I have everything I ever could have asked for, but I'm still not happy."

I live for the spark of catalyzing a person who feels stuck.



I'm a hands-on holistic health practitioner, utilizing health coaching and massage therapy to improve the lives of my clients.

I founded Octavian Natural Health and I'm currently taking time off from ND school to focus on my private practice.

I also work as a massage therapist at Yuan Spa (Bellevue) and Better Back & Body (Kirkland).

I enjoy writing, playing video games, and browsing PubMed for fun.

Herbal Remedies
Concrete Bucket & Trowel


Help me do the following, would ya?

  • Get Bastyr University their own vanity license plates in the states of WA and CA (just like every other major university in those states)

  • Start a naturopathic medical school in Colorado

  • Create natural standards of care for transgender individuals that include minimizing and mitigating the undesired side effects of HRT and surgeries

  • Pay off all my student loans within 5 years of graduating

  • Achieve a six figure salary on self-employment income alone

  • Sign Brendan Urie and Bo Burnham up as my clients so I can help them with their social anxiety

  • Develop a curriculum and teach seminars on complimentary and alternative medicine

  • Write and publish a book



I love meeting new people and I am also very good at staying busy.  Drop me a message if you want to connect.