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To Catalyze Change

I love helping people challenge their assumptions, undo the nocebo effect, and optimize their daily habits so they can take agency over their autopilot and change their lives for the better.

From health issues to life choices, I believe that many of our biggest problems in life come down to only a few small tweaks, tucked away in the autopilot routines that we perform every day, just beyond our notice.

My treatment philosophy emphasizes sustainable lifestyle habit formation, supplement minimalism, and respect for patient autonomy.

Herbal Remedies


Naturopathic Doctor, Massage Therapist, Small Business Owner


  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine - 2021

  • Bachelor of Arts in Classics and Integrative Physiology, Minor in Creative Writing - 2015


Licenses & Certifications

  • Registered Naturopathic Doctor - 2021

  • Licensed Massage Therapist - 2017

  • Applied Kinesiology Basic 100-hr Course Certification - 2016​


I enjoy swimming, practicing yoga, and riding my bike around Boulder.


The Dr. Chris Approach

Atomic Habits

Make lifestyle changes into small, sustainable habits,

rather than making sweeping changes that don't last 


Supplement Minimalism

Focus on nutrition through ongoing dietary choices,

only using supplements when necessary 


Honest, Direct Communication

Express your fears, concerns, and doubts freely so we can address them together,

rather than just pushing through a care plan that you don't believe in. 


Respect for Patient Autonomy

Never feel obligated to follow your doctor's advice

if you fundamentally disagree with it.

Fluidity of Symptoms

Even the most stuck, chronic symptom can disappear with a light touch in the right direction,

no matter how small it may seem.  


Kill Your Nocebos

Don't ruin a good result with negative expectations. 


Build a Care Team

Seek like-minded healthcare professionals

who can collaborate together to help you reach your goals.




  • Muscle Testing, such as:

    • Applied Kinesiology (AK)

    • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

    • Creative Emotional Wizardry (CEW)

    • Total Body Modification (TBM)

  • Physical Medicine

    • Naturopathic Spinal and Extremity Manipulation

    • Trigger Point Therapy​

    • Myofascial Release

    • Craniosacral Therapy (Upledger)

  • Biotherapeutic Drainage

    • Homeopathy

    • Bach Flower Essences

    • UNDAs​

    • Cell Salts



Come find me!

I offer in-person naturopathic medical services at Octavian Natural Health, where I help Boulder everyday athletes solve their health mysteries so they can enjoy the outdoors without holding themselves back.


I love meeting new people and I am also very good at staying busy.  Drop me a message if you want to connect.

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